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Our Programs

Our child-centered program is based on providing age-appropriate experiences that will maximize each child’s development.  The emergent curriculum is carefully planned by each teacher, taking into account the interests and capabilities of the group.  Each classroom is set up in learning areas so that children can be involved with others in a small group setting.  These centers include a block corner, dramatic play area, art area, music area, library, manipulative toys and puzzle area, water or sand table, and science, literacy and math centers.  

Educational Philosophy

We believe that knowledge for young children is best acquired through the experience of exploration and discovery.  Concept development takes place through the child’s own actions as he/she interacts with the materials, teachers, and peers in the classroom.  Our aim is to enhance learning in all areas – cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and moral.

Our classes

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2's Classes

We offer 2, 3 or 5 morning options for 2 year old children.

Hours are 9:15-11:30am

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3's Classes

We offer two 5 morning classes for our three year old children:  8:45-11:30 am, with the option of adding afternoon enrichment classes 1-3 days a week (Tues.Wed. and/Thurs.)


4's Classes

We offer half-day, 8:45-11:30 am, and full-day, 8:45 am-2:15 pm, options for our 4 year olds. Additional enrichment classes are also available.

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Enrichment Programs

We offer additional programing to round out your child's day and provide additional enrichment.

Separate registration and tuition apply.

Sunshine Explorers

Our unique summer program provides care and summer fun by experienced & qualified staff.

Lots of outdoor activities!

Daily Schedule


Children choose an area of interest. Teachers move from “center” to “center,” listening to and talking with the children, helping them where appropriate and making suggestions that will extend and expand their experience.  Daily activities are structured around each child’s interests and developmentally appropriate skill building. Teachers always keep in mind that it is the child's discoveries and creativity that lead to learning and to the child's development of independence and self-esteem.


As a part of teaching trust and responsibility all children assist with clean up.


During this period the Teacher reads to children, followed by a discussion. This is also a time that teachers provide music and movement activities.  Although music and movement are incorporated into the free play, “Group Time” is also a time for Teachers to lead in singing songs and in doing finger plays with the students.


Daily, the children bring a healthy snack and water (in a re-usable cup) for themselves. 


 Every day the children play outdoors, except in wet or extreme weather, when the all-purpose room is utilized.  The Twos use the fenced-enclosed playground. The Threes and Fours have a choice of  three outdoor play areas, our playground, the open grassy field and the wheeled toy riding area.


 Good Shepherd offers programs in music, movement, sign language, and nature studies during the morning sessions. The music specialist meets with the children twice a month. The movement specialist meets with them once a month. The American Sign Language program meets twice a month with the four year olds. The environmental outreach program, The Nature of Things, brings live specimens to the students five times a year.

Sunshine Explorers Summer Program

Explore, grow, play + have fun in the sun with us


Summer Program

Sunshine Explorers continues our philosophy of learning through play and interacting with the environment by utilizing our extensive outdoor spaces.

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