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Regular Programs


2’s Twice a week

9:30 – 11:30

Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Friday


3’s Three times a week

9 – 11:45

Monday/Wednesday/Thursday or Tuesday/Thursday/Friday


3’s Five times a week

9 – 11:45

Monday – Friday


4’s Five times a week

9 – 11:45

Monday – Friday


Please contact our Educational Director, Mrs.Mandy Landivinec,

for enrollment information and/or to schedule a tour of our facility. Click "Registration Form" below for the document.





In an effort to provide a quality preschool program to all in our community who could benefit from such a program, a limited number of full and partial scholarships are available.  We encourage those in financial need to contact our Administrative Assistant, Mary Beth Perillo, for an application. The Scholarship Committee will confidentially review the application and contact the applicant with any inquiries and with its decision.  The final determination will be made on a case-by-case basis. Click "Tuition Assistance Application" below for the document.


Mary Beth Perillo, Administrative Assistant



Daily Schedule


FREE PLAY  Children choose an area of interest. Teachers move from “center” to “center,” listening to children, helping them where appropriate and making suggestions that will extend and expand their experience.  Daily activities are structured around each child’s interests and developmentally appropriate skill building. Teachers always keep in mind that it is the child's discoveries and creativity that lead to learning and to the child's development of independence and self-esteem.


CLEAN-UP TIME  As a part of teaching trust and responsibility all children assist with clean up.


GROUP TIME  During this period the Teacher reads to children, followed by a discussion. This is also a time that teachers provide music and movement activities.  Although music and movement are incorporated into the free play, “Group Time” is also a time for Teachers to lead in singing songs and in doing finger plays with the students.


SNACK  In the younger groups, parents on a rotating basis provide nutritious snacks. The 4 year old children bring their own snack.


OUTDOOR TIME  Every day the children play outdoors, except in wet or extreme weather, when the all-purpose room is utilized.  The Twos use the fenced-enclosed playground. The Threes and Fours have a choice of  three outdoor play areas, our playground, the open grassy field and the wheeled toy riding area.


ENRICHMENT  Good Shepherd offers programs in music, movement, sign language, and nature studies during the morning sessions. The music specialist meets with the children twice a month. The movement specialist meets with them once a month. The American Sign Language program meets twice a month with the four year olds. The environmental outreach program, The Nature of Things, brings live specimens to the students five times a year.

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