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 About Us

Our Mission

To provide young children and their families with quality
early childhood education in a nurturing and inclusive community.


Our Story

GSECC was founded in 1957 by Mrs. Jean MacIntosh, a member of the Irvington Presbyterian Church. Each classroom was staffed by a professional early childhood teacher accompanied by a "helping mother" every day. The school has evolved over time growing larger as the demand for the school's quality program has increased.  The cooperative model was supplanted by college-educated assistants. However, the welcoming of parents continues to be an integral part of our program and philosophy.

Our Relationship with the Irvington Presbyterian Church

For more than half a century the Irvington Presbyterian Church has had as its mission the sponsorship of the Good Shepherd Early Childhood Center.  This non-sectarian nursery school shares the church's facilities. The Nursery School Committee oversees the policy of the school.  Members include a chairperson, church members, parent members and a teacher representative.



"We moved from the city to Irvington when our daughter was 18 months, and I began looking into all of the Rivertowns preschools to get a sense of where we should send her the following year. Immediately upon walking into Good Shepherd,
I knew it was the one. It had everything we hoped for in a preschool - cozy, intimate setting, experienced and genuinely lovely teachers, age-appropriate curriculum, and generally letting little ones learn and grow in a safe, comfortable and fun space.
We have had two kids go through each year of Good Shepherd, and can't wait for our youngest to begin. It is the most special place, and genuinely warms my heart to think about how well cared for and nurtured my kids were while they were there."

- Katherine Cain

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