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Building Bridges

What an amazing experience to be part of the historical event of the demolition of the Tappan Zee Bridge last week. Our 4's classes went outside to the edge of our property to see if they could get a glimpse of the bridge demolition. They could see and hear helicopters above. The weather was quite frigid though, and after being outside for a while, everyone decided to go indoors and observe from the back windows. They didn’t have the best view, but were able to hear and feel the vibration of the explosions-very cool! The teachers showed them the live feed of the demolition to help them see what they were hearing and feeling.

Both classes had discussions about the old and new bridges. Some children decided that they would call the current bridge the “New Tappan Zee Bridge," instead of the Mario Cuomo Bridge. The 4's read books about different kinds of bridges and have been building some interesting models in the block area.

Mrs. Marinis' class is working on a group project and designing a “class bridge”. They have created a long bridge using popsicle sticks and designed a roadway that will be attached to it once the parts are completed.

Mrs. M's 4's built individual bridges using a variety of craft materials. They came up with creative names for them.

What began as a local history making event grew into a learning activity about bridge construction as the teachers followed the children's interest and questions.

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