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Tuesday, April 17: Tasty Tuesday

This fun, food-themed day is about more than just ingredients. Cooking together connects math with literacy skills, science, and more. Children love to cook. They are also more likely to try a new food or dish if they have participated in its preparation. Many is the time that I have squeezed lemons with a class, then added sugar and water to make lemonade, and watched as their faces have registered the sour taste as they drank it! Yet, the children said that they liked it if they had participated in making it!

Our classes each celebrated Tasty Tuesday in their own way:

Mrs. A. Marinis’ class made bagel faces. After putting cream cheese on their bagel, they added shredded carrot, sliced peppers, tomatoes, and blueberries to unique create faces.

Mrs. L. Marinis’ class read the well-loved classic, Strega Nona by Tomie de Paola and then cooked a variety of pasta and toppings/sauces for the children to taste.

Mrs. Redmond’s class made sandwiches, either grape jelly, cheese, ham or ham and cheese. They wrapped their sandwiches in foil and then either ate them later for snack or took them home.

Ms. Elliot’s class made Apple Strudel and enjoyed preparing the apple filling. The children are expert slicers now!

Mrs. Silva’s class of 2 year olds made Yogurt Parfait. They spooned on strawberries, blueberries, and mini-chocolate chips.


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