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Monday, April 16: Music Monday

Good Shepherd was full of beautiful sounds as we celebrated Music Monday. Coincidentally, our music teacher, Delores JiJi, was scheduled to visit us. Delores sees music as a vehicle to embed learning and skill development appropriate for the age group she is working with. Music is a holistic and joyful experience. In our music program, the children are also working on their social skills, motor skills, working as a group, building vocabulary, and rhyming, as they learn nursery rhymes, learn new songs, are exposed to various types of music, play instruments, learn about those instruments and are learning about music. Phew! That is a lot to build into 30 minutes. Most importantly, the children enjoy music and have fun!

Additionally, some classes made musical instruments: shakers and twirlers; others used their classroom instruments to create bands or parades, to make up songs of their own or to make freestyle music together. Any which way, everyone had fun celebrating Music Monday.

Music is an intrinsic part of our 2’s, 3’s, and 4’s school experience. Children sing songs to help them participate in classroom routines, they create music, bands, marching bands, and shows with their classroom instruments, they make musical instruments, sing songs at group time, hum favorite tunes as they play, and listen to music and songs as they play, etc. Song is the sound of childhood. #WOTYC18

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