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Spring Carnival 2017!

Our Spring Carnival was a huge success! ​

​Despite a light shower early in the morning, the day turned out to be a gem in the rough weather wise. So many of you were able to come and join in the fun.

Everywhere that I looked, I saw smiling faces and heard happy chatter! The children jumped in the two bouncy houses (one of which had a slide), created scratch art, spun the wheel to win prizes, played with play dough, made fruit loop bracelets, ate cotton candy, played in the playground, socialized with their friends, and ate or snacked at the Sunshine Café. During the lunch hour, families picnicked on the grass and chatted with friends.

Of course, an event like this requires a lot of organization and support. So many of you worked tirelessly, whether you volunteered to man a station on the day and/or obtained donations for the raffle baskets, and so much more in between. Thank you first and foremost to Alice Villa, who chaired the planning committee and organized everyone. Thank you to Shannon Weber and Emily Burley who worked together on the raffle baskets; to Lara Ufer, Emily Burley, and Norma Barragan who organized and worked at the Sunshine Café; to our volunteers on the day, Juliette Gober, Beth Ludlum, Tresha Rodriguez, Marianne Chafizadeh, Kelly Kaskawits, Shannon Weber, and Kristina DiCarlo; and to those who donated café items. I apologize if I have missed anyone. The Carnival was only a success because you supported it.

The work was worth it due to the enjoyment that everyone had and because we raised a total of $2923. The money will be used to buy a laminating machine for the teachers and to replenish our Scholarship Fund which helps us to provide a quality pre-school experience to families that might not otherwise be able to afford it.

It was such a wonderful way to round out our year together and to celebrate the children’s growth.

Thank you all for your support and have a wonderful summer!

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