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Special Visitors: Members of the Irvington Fire Department

Irvington Fire Department Visit

Today, our students eagerly participated in a visit from the Irvington Fire Department. Lieutenant Andrew Lamberti – Mr. Andrew to most of you – along with some of his colleagues, Chief Anthony Tarricone, notably a Good Shepherd graduate, Firefighter Henry Trama, and Firefighter Ronnie Lillo regaled us with as much information as we could soak up. The captive audience was enthralled.

The children were taken on small group tours around the truck to learn about its parts, tools, and gadgets. Inside Lieutenant Lamberti showed them the thermal imaging camera, safety vests, radios, flashlights, and air packs. Chief Tarricone opened up the compartments to view and discuss the tools stored inside them. The children also saw the big hoses and nozzles as a fire fighter pretended to spray them. Lastly, Lieutenant Lamberti dressed in his safety clothing and noisy breathing apparatus to show the children what a firefighter would look and sound like should they ever need rescue. However, Daniel rightly informed everyone that if there was a fire, he would get out of his house. Photos were taken to immortalize this dream visit for many of our students and each child left with a helmet.

Afterwards, of their own accord, the children played firefighter in groups outside and were clearly full of joy and excitement about their very special visitors. While leaving for the day with his dad, a boy beamed as he said, “Dad, what a great Friday!”

We wholeheartedly thank Mr. Andrew for organizing this very special visit and his colleagues who took valuable time out of their days to visit us.

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