January 25, 2019

February 26, 2018

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All of us here at GSECC are getting geared up for the start of the new school year! We are excited to see returning children and to meet the new ones!...

Back-to-School Notes: Parent Orientation

September 1, 2017

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Notes from the Classroom: Work Together Wednesday


The Week of the Young Child: Work Together Wednesday


During Work Together Wednesday, we built, played small group games, created group art projects, and even wrote and illustrated a class book. In every classroom, the children were excitedly working together to create something new. As they did so, they strengthened their social skills and furthered their leadership skills whilst having fun.



The M/W/Th 3's designed bugs and made flowers to create a class mural that they were all proud of. ​
























































The 5-day 3's made their own Kerplunk game out of a colander, pipe cleaners, and pom poms. In order to play, they had to participate in setting it up after each game by threading the pipe cleaners through the holes.. The children were mesmerized by this game of our childhood's. They also worked on putting a puzzle together as a group.






































One 4's class played small group games, including a memory game and Candy Land. They also built together in the Block Area.




































One 4's class talked about Kindergarten (they will be going in September) and they wrote and illustrated what they are looking forward to in Kindergarten. After a class discussion, each child dictated their thoughts and drew a picture to illustrate. They also created a class hand print mural.