Special Visitors: Members of the Irvington Fire Department

Irvington Fire Department Visit Today, our students eagerly participated in a visit from the Irvington Fire Department. Lieutenant Andrew Lamberti – Mr. Andrew to most of you – along with some of his colleagues, Chief Anthony Tarricone, notably a Good Shepherd graduate, Firefighter Henry Trama, and Firefighter Ronnie Lillo regaled us with as much information as we could soak up. The captive audience was enthralled. The children were taken on small group tours around the truck to learn about its parts, tools, and gadgets. Inside Lieutenant Lamberti showed them the thermal imaging camera, safety vests, radios, flashlights, and air packs. Chief Tarricone opened up the compartments to view and

Notes from the Classroom: Show & Tell

​Inspiring the next generation of environmental stewards. We had a guest speaker for Show and Tell on Thursday May 11th, 2017, one of the mommies, Jessica. Jessica came to the classroom to talk with us about something that is important to her. Her show and tell item was a globe, to explain planet Earth. Her daughter assisted with the presentation by holding the globe and pointing out how most of the planet is covered with blue water. Jessica explained that the earth is special to her, because “It is our home, filled with all the people and animals that we love. This planet is the only one we have, and we all have to help take care of it.” She explained to the children that “One of the best w

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