Notes from the Classroom: Artsy Thursday

The Week of the Young Child: Artsy Thursday Our children just love to create. At Good Shepherd, they unleash their imaginations on a daily basis . Art is their vehicle to express themselves, refine motor skills, and explore materials and ideas. In celebration of Artsy Thursday: The T/Th/F 3's further explored the use of small cups and created their own cup objects by taping, stapling, and/or using pipe cleaners to construct and secure. The M/W/Th 3's made beautiful paintings. The 5-day 3's made vases for their paper flowers and made a robot. See the plan (photo) that a child drew of how the robot should look. They spent a lot of time putting ping pong balls down the robot's tubes and problem

Notes from the Classroom: Work Together Wednesday

The Week of the Young Child: Work Together Wednesday During Work Together Wednesday, we built, played small group games, created group art projects, and even wrote and illustrated a class book. In every classroom, the children were excitedly working together to create something new. As they did so, they strengthened their social skills and furthered their leadership skills whilst having fun. The M/W/Th 3's designed bugs and made flowers to create a class mural that they were all proud of. ​ The 5-day 3's made their own Kerplunk game out of a colander, pipe cleaners, and pom poms. In order to play, they had to participate in setting it up after each game by threading the pipe cleaners through

Notes from the Classroom: Tasty Tuesday

The Week of the Young Child: Tasty Tuesday Making Our school smelled so good today, as the scents of cheese, tomato sauce, and pizza dough wafted through the building! Tasty Tuesday was celebrated in unique ways within each classroom and was much appreciated by the children's taste buds. Everyone enjoyed their food experiences. The 2's dipped their apple slices into yogurt for a unique snack. The T/Th/F 3's used their pretend grocery store (which has been a huge hit for the past few days) to have a juice tasting. The 5-day 3's celebrated by bringing back Taco Tuesday. They read a story called Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin, created taco art, and made tacos for their snack. One 4's class ma

Notes from the Classroom: Music Monday

The Week of the Young Child: Music Monday Our classes participated in The week of the Young Child's Music Monday with their usual musical gusto. Music is always a fundamental part of our program, but received special emphasis today. Each class celebrated music in their own special way: The 2's played instruments and sang songs. One 2 year old said, " 1, 2, 3, rock out!" as he enthusiastically kept the beat. The M/W/Th 3's made their own shakers using bottles, beads, and stickers. They sang "The Ants Go Marching" and other songs as they used their shakers. The 5-day 3's played their instruments and made up their own songs as they played. They also listened to classical music as they went abo

Notes from the Classroom

Emergent Curriculum and Learning in Action In our classrooms, we use the children’s interests to create curriculum and embed core learning standards into the activities. As an example, in one of our four’s classes the children have made a robot out of boxes which will be used to teach addition in a really fun way. For the moment, the children are enjoying using the robot’s two tubes to shoot objects down and create groupings. After spring break, the plan is to introduce the concept of “one more” by placing a certain number of objects into one tube and one into the other. The children will predict the total number objects that will be collected and counted out, by holding up a number card, an

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