Mandy Landivinec,

Educational Director


A native of England, Mrs. Landivinec holds a Masters Degree in School Building Leadership (Mercy College), having focused her teaching Masters in both General Education and Special Education (Concordia).

Psychological Studies in Early Childhood was her undergraduate major (SUNY Empire State). This experienced early childhood administrator and early childhood teacher has had an extensive background with young children, including with the Committee on Preschool Education.  Mandy feels the early childhood years are a time of wonder, discovery, and play.  She sees each child as being unique and looks forward to providing for such here at the Good Shepherd community.













Interim Pastor Jane Ann

Interim Pastor of the Irvington Presbyterian Church

and Head of Staff for Good Shepherd

Early Childhood Center


Phyllis Worthington, Administrative Assistant



“When we were considering moving to Irvington from New York City, we were looking for a program for my then 2 year old son.  Two people, one a grandmother and another a colleague with children, highly recommended Good Shepherd.  They definitely raised my expectations and  I have to say, Good Shepherd has exceeded them.  The nurturing environment fosters a great learning experience which is fun for children.  My now four year old and two year old both attend Good Shepherd.  They have made great friends and look forward to going to school. My son came home the other day teaching me words in sign language. We also have found a great network of parents who have been so helpful since we moved to Irvington.  This is a school where friendships are built and foundational skills are learned, which will last a lifetime.”     

– Mrs.Viggiano, mom of a 4 & 2 year old